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Resident Services Info

If you are interested in making a change to the exterior of your home, or a change anywhere on your lot, you need to obtain prior written approval before the project is started. This includes, but is not limited to, solar, rear yard arbors and awnings, storage sheds, changing the paint color of your home, landscape modifications and concrete service walkways.

​Note: Once you have submitted all the requested documents and forms, the architectural review process can take up to 45 days before you receive a response. 

If you are unsure if your project requires prior written approval, please give us a call at (916) 746-0011 or send us an email to

To obtain the specific paint color for your home, please contact KB Home Customer Care by sending an email to



 If you are a victim of mail theft, residents are encouraged to call the U.S. Postal Inspection Service via its 24-hour dispatch number, which is 877-876-2455. The inspectors are using this information to investigate these crimes.


Until the boxes have been repaired, you will want to pick up your mail directly from the post office.


It is also recommended that you follow these guidelines to protect yourself from mail theft:


  • Deposit outgoing mail in a blue mail collection box, at a Post Office, or hand it directly to your mail carrier.

  • Never leave mail in your mailbox overnight. That is the most common time for thieves to attack.

  • Utilize a P.O. Box at your local post office 

  • If you see a mail theft in progress, or suspicious activity around your mailbox, call the Sacramento Police Dispatch at  916-732-0100. 

As you are aware, the front yards within the community are maintained by the association. Per the project documents, owners may not make any changes to their landscape or modify the irrigation timers. These are monitored and set-up by the landscape contractor hired by the association.

If there are any issues with your front landscaping, or if you are concerned about the services provided by the landscaper, please click on the button below.


Please familiarize yourself with your homes water main valves. There are two. One that controls your irrigation water and one that controls the main water for your home.


Should you experience a broken irrigation line after business hours, please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to turn off your irrigation water.

Should you have any questions, please call or email our office for assistance.

Office: (916) 746-0011 


The worker on giant tree.jpg

If your front yard tree requires pruning, kindly email with your address and a photograph of the tree. Pruning will be carried out upon request and only if deemed necessary for the tree's health and safety.


Important Reminder: It's important to note that cutting all branches that extend over your roof is not considered acceptable pruning practice within the City of Sacramento. Arborists adhere to industry standards when pruning trees to ensure branches do not make contact with rooftops. Nevertheless, it's necessary to allow the canopy of the trees to expand above rooftops as they grow larger, providing shade to the roofs. The city mandated the installation of these trees by the developer initially to mitigate temperatures and combat the "heat island" effect caused by solid surfaces, thereby shading rooftops, driveways, and streets.


COMCAST: 800-934-6489

ATT: 800-288-2020

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