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The Hamptons Community


The Hamptons is a planned community of nearly 1,300 homes in the North Natomas area of Sacramento. There are eight neighborhoods (called "Villages") that make up The Hamptons. As a planned community, we are covered by documents submitted by the developer when the community was built in 2005.  These documents, collectively known as the “governing documents”, provide specific rules that affect important activities involving your home, including but not limited to home improvements, maintenance of landscaping, use and storage of vehicles, etc. 


The governing documents created a not-for-profit homeowners association (HOA) to ensure that the provisions of the governing documents are enforced.  As a homeowner, you automatically become a member of the HOA and are bound by the governing documents.  This is true even if you rent your property to a tenant(s).


The HOA (or “Association”) is administered by a five-member Board of Directors (Board), elected by homeowners. The Board has contracted with Landmark Limited, a professional management company, to assist the Board with many administrative functions.


CLICK HERE to watch a useful video that explains the HOA.

CLICK HERE to meet the Board of Directors

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