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At the Hamptons, we believe in building and serving the community, and YOU are a big part of that effort.  We invite you to join us in making The Hamptons a community we can all be proud.  The following are some of the ways you can contribute to that effort.

Committees work in tandem with The Hamptons Board of Directors to help evaluate and recommend direction and/or action on specific issues. The board depends on homeowner involved committee members to step forward and offer their time and ideas for the betterment and success of the community. All committee members are appointed by the board.

Here is a list of some of the committees:


Safety and Security – this committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters relating to the community’s safety and security.  This committee is the HOA’s primary liaison to Allied Universal – our private security patrol service, and city departments.  This committee also conducts community patrols to complement the work of Allied Universal.  While it is not necessary, volunteers with experience in law enforcement, security work, mental health, and traffic engineering will be given priority in appointment.


Community Engagement – this committee is responsible for coordinating the many community events held in the Hamptons.  Part of the work involves working with our community partners to obtain sponsorship for our events, working with the City of Sacramento on permitting requirements, and helping with outreach and publicity for our events.  While not necessary, volunteers with experience in event planning, grant writing, permitting, writing, social media outreach will be given priority in appointment.


Financial Accountability – this committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters related to the Association’s finances, including the drafting of the annual budget, and reviewing the Association’s finances.  We are seeking volunteers with experience in accounting, drafting budgets, audits, or other relevant financial background.  This is one of the most important committees in the Association as it assists the Board in the stewardship of members’ dues.


If you are interested in joining a committee or board member position, please CLICK HERE





If you are interested in building our community but can’t invest the necessary time and effort in joining a committee at this time, have no fear.  You can still help by simply joining us at any of our community activities.  Check the Community News and Events tab on this site for upcoming events.

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