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License Plate Reader (LPR) Security Cameras at the Hamptons


To ensure the safety and security of residents in our community, we have installed nine (9) LPR cameras at the entrances to the community.  These solar-powered, LTE-enabled security cameras operate automatically via motion sensor 24/7 and store information in a secure cloud server.  These cameras are specifically designed to focus on photographing license plates.  However, the system does capture images of the entire vehicle, even those without license plates.  This provides for the ability to search a vehicle by type, make, or color, and other distinguishing characteristics.


These LPR cameras are designed to capture movement of vehicles on public roads where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.  However, the Board is mindful of concerns about access to the data captured by the system.  Accordingly, only a limited number of authorized Association representatives have access to the system.  Additionally, unless specifically saved for investigative or other legitimate purposes, data from the system is only stored for 30 days.



To leverage this technology and assist in ensuring the community’s safety, the Association’s Board has authorized the Sacramento Police Department access to our LPR system as an additional resource during investigations.  Additionally, a representative of Allied Universal Security, our private patrol service, also has access to assist with the company’s patrol responsibilities within the community.


If you are a resident of or have been a guest of the Hamptons Community and have been a victim of a crime or other safety-related incident involving the use of a vehicle that may have traveled through our community, you may request a courtesy review of the data captured by our LPR camera system to assist in addressing your issue.

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